Radio Frequency

What is Radiofrequency & How Does It Work?

Radiofrequency is defined as a type of energy, when directed accordingly, can be utilized to heat the dermis and subcutaneous layer of the skin. The heat that is radiated with radiofrequency waves cause the collagen fibers to contract. The skin is then tightened and pulled, creating a more youthful effect. The skin becomes firmer, thicker, and taut. The best part is that collagen production continues to develop even after the treatment is done.

Is Radiofrequency safe?

Yes. According to an article, published by the Department of Dermatology of John Hopkins University, “monopolar RF for skin tightening is a very safe procedure.” To read this article, and a few others, please click on the link:

Does Radiofrequency Hurt?

No. You may feel increased warming sensations to the site and redness to the skin after the procedure, but no complaints of pain have been reported by our clients.

Do I Need to Request Time Off from Work?

Not unless you want to. There is no down time, so you can receive a treatment whenever you have a sixty-minute window to pamper yourself.

How Long is Each Session?

30 minutes with the radiofrequency machine is considered one session.

How Many Treatments Do I Need to Get Optimum Results?

We advise at least six sessions to obtain effective results, at least 72 hours apart each visit. In order to obtain optimum results, we recommend a 30-minute session of ultrasonic cavitation treatment prior to your 30-minute RF treatment.

How Long is the Appointment?

The appointment at our office usually lasts for 1 hour to 1 ½ hours, depending on whether you have been established as a client or not. Please take into consideration that we will be obtaining measurements, if applicable. We monitor the progress with photos after each treatment.

What Should I Wear?

Wear comfortable clothing. We prefer you wear the same outfit every time you visit with us, in order to get a good comparison between visits. Some of our clients wear a bikinis or athletic type clothing.

What part of the body can RF treatments be applied?

We have many clients that like to have RF treatments on their face to help them establish a more youthful look. This type of care and help with the reduction of crow lines, frown lines, and overall reduced appearance of fine lines and loose skin. Most clients have requested treatment on the abdomen, arms, thighs, jowl, or any site that wants to have tighter skin.

How Long Do the Results for Radiofrequency Last?

You will experience some tightening after the initial treatment, but as mentioned before may require additional sessions to obtain maximum results. The effects of RF are long lasting due to the increase production of collagen.

Radio Frequency

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