Sleep Apnea Treatment

According to Pritikin Longevity Center, insufficient sleep can lead to weight gain which can lead to a serious problem called sleep apnea, which produces more sleep deprivation and more packing on of the pounds. Sleep disorders can lead to weight gain or make losing weight a real challenge. Upon the medical diagnosis from an MD, the doctor may prescribe CPAP machine to a patient with sleep apnea. If a CPAP machine does not work, the MD may refer the patient to the dentist for CPAP Machine alternative using the Dental Oral Appliance to address the Sleep Apnea Disorder.

Dr. Noel T. Dorotheo is a dental practitioner with over 20 years of experience. He has had the recent opportunity to expand his knowledge and help those patients with a medical diagnosis of mild sleep apnea. His treatment plan encourages the use of a dental appliance to help open the airway during sleep. This device requires an initial assessment, dental impression, and a few visits after the appliance is received, to adjust as needed. Call us today at (661) 473-1800 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Noel to decide if this is the best treatment plan for you!