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There will be daily progressive improvements as a result of the treatment for about 3 to 7 days. See the changes after treatment.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Radio Frequency

Facelift Without Surgery


  •   I received an ultrasonic cavitation treatment as well as a radio frequency treatment on my stomach area where I hold the most fat and I saw results instantly. I was so surprised that my pants fit better and I can truly say with full confidence that it works! Of course it wasn't an instant fix but it definitely gave me the boost I needed and helped with my confidence. Joy is very caring and honest. You won't regret it! From start to finish it was an overall great experience. Joy is very easy to talk to and answered all my questions. I felt very at ease. Worth trying! 🙂

    thumb Lori D.
  •   I came in for a microderm abrasion to minimizes the appearance of frown lines and growing crows feet around my eyes. Dr. Dortheo was honest in her approach. Her initial consultation and examination of my skin she was able to assess that my lines were still 'young' and that an abrasion might be too harsh but can offer less pressure, mild application and a slower process so as not to stress the skin and if I wanted to proceed. Of course, if you know me, you'd know that I am obsessed with anti-aging and this isn't my first abrasion.

    I appreciated her honesty and her work. She was indeed firm yet gentle, soft yet unyielding and worked methodically. She made sure I was comfortable, talked me through the process and gave me sound advice in caring for my skin, preventative measures to take, dietary advice and of course endless compliments that sent me confident with my appearance. I would definitely go back there, in fact I would purchase a microderm club package and go as often as 1-2 months in between appointments. Oh if only I could look the same forever...till then, so grateful for Dr. Dortheo.

    thumb I T.

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