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"I am 62 with creases at the corner of my both eyes, forehead groves are deepening and having 2 parentheses on the both side corner of my lips. My cheek muscles are drooping and I figure, it may be caused by the process of aging.  The saggy neck lines truly bothers me so much to the point of  earnestly considering surgical facial lift or Botox but as I get relatives and friends’ opinion, I was discouraged by their comments.  The cost of surgical facelift is also a plan stopper.  I have been coming for the weight loss program and there I learn about the non-invasive alternative to surgical facelift.  I am so glad that now I am one of the many success stories on facelift without surgery. You got to try it!"





"I always have Acne issue as an adult but I have noticed that after the Facial treatment, my acne cleared up and I never had a problem since."




"I have been exercising but I cannot get rid of my little pooch right under my belly button, well after 1 treatment of Radiofrequency and ultrasonic procedure; Walla- it’s gone and never came back. Yippee!"


Amber- Bakersfield



"The Radiofrequency and Ultrasonic Cavitation are so amazing.  I lost a total of 18 cm on my Belly and lost 3 lbs. after my first treatment. OMG, my belly pooch that I cannot get rid off with vigorous exercise was gone, just like that.  Unbelievable!


Cherrie - Bakersfield

"I work out to keep myself healthy and strong.  Like everyone my age, I like to have beautiful body too.  I am having a lower belly hump issue that I can not get rid off despite rigorous exercise.

I went to Lifestylewithjoy to check out if their Ultrasonic Cavitation would work on my belly hump issue.  I am so amaze and surprise that in my 1 hour of session,my belly hump disappeared!  I love it!  I worked out for so long and did many exercise regimen to get that out but it didn't work. My goodness, in one hour, it's gone. Thanks."



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