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Lifestylewithjoy Inc. invites you to a Non-Invasive Facelift and Non-Invasive Lipo using the latest scientific Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency technology without the high cost of hospitalization and invasive surgery at no downtime.We invite you also to the latest developments in skin care, anti aging, acne treatment, micro current, skin oxygenation and other treatments that may eliminate your needs for Botox treatments and potential surgeries.
  • Joy Dorotheo

    Joy Dorotheo

    Registered Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Cavitation Specialist

  • Durish Ann Dorotheo

    Durish Ann Dorotheo


  • Faith Enriquez

    Faith Enriquez


  • Allea Nalaine Paguia

    Allea Nalaine Paguia


Our Mission To Affect A Significant Change One Life At A Time For A Healthier Lifestyle With Joy.